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she's from a world of popcorn and candy
adorablexi's LOVED ONLY community
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19th-Oct-2011 10:52 am - Loved Pass Sale
country girl
I have had quite a few of you ladies expire in here and I am just doing some more cleaning in the community. Loved passes are on sale, so if you would like to renew your time, just let me know. If not, it was a pleasure to have you on my loved list :)
I also want to welcome all the new members to my loved list :) Please be sure you are members of hypnotiic and carouselcuties If you need an invite to xppx, let me know and I'll send you one.

This is the LOWEST my prices have ever been for loved passes! I stopped selling them quite a while ago. Perm passes haven't been offered in ages, so now is your chance to get them for a low price.
I decided to put them on sale now for those who want loved time before Christmas nears. If I should ever decide to sell loved passes again in the future it probably wont be until this time next year.
Anyone who purchases a loved pass will never miss a freebie again, will get gallery goodies and exclusives and be invited to my loved only comm xcarouselx
I accept paypal payments only and all comments are screened! You may purchase for a friend as well.
If you are interested, just fill out the form and leave it in a comment. Then send your payment as a GIFT to faeryhollows@yahoo.com and be sure to include your LJ username somewhere on the invoice. Thank you!

Examples of my work can be found @ Enchanted Designz

Expired members are: clumsily tired_blue_eyes malone121104 cuppykate srh85 glenvorian rockgirl182 jengeree

emma2403 your pass expires tomorrow, October 20th
jejun your pass expires Monday, October 24
3rd-Jun-2011 05:17 pm - My Wishlist
country girl
Below is my wishlist.  I am not begging anyone to purchase any of these memberships for me.  These are simply ones that I have either never been a member of, or I have been a member of and would love to get a renewal to.  This list is mainly here for myself as a goal to set funds aside when I have them to spoil myself.  However, if anyone decides to grant a wish come true for me, I would gladly love to pay you back either in graphics, a permanent spot on my loved list, or even a lifetime membership to my pixel site.  With getting new memberships or renewals I am able to create graphics for members so you can benefit from it, and also create something for other makers to add to my site, so that other makers can create graphics for you too! :)

Note: RPP and VP tube sets are what I have my heart currently set on since those are limited.

Renewals and new memberships

The Pixel Alley
6 months - 10.00
tube license is extra
usage- to shade things for my members area

Vanilla Patch - DESIRED MOST
40 Euros

Lil Pixie Haven
any membership length
a tube license would also be good

Leos Corner
any membership & tube license
members have requested smaller pixels

Fantastic Pixel Dreams - DESIRED MOST
upgrade to lifetime, my membership expires in January 2012
hopeful birthday present

Little Pixel Treasure
lifetime + tube license would be SUPER!!!!

Friendly Tags
any membership length, active members have a tube license

any membership length + tube license

Tube Packs/Sets
- anything from Rosey Posey Pixels or the following sets from her site..
- The Bunches - $14
- The Bearcrows - $15
- The Ruffles - $16
- The Jellibuns - $16
- Peppermint Pandy - $18 - DESIRED MOST
- The PJs - lineart set - $20 - DESIRED MOST
- Lucy Lou - lineart set - $20

- Squishums holiday tube set @ Vanilla Patch - $14 - DESIRED MOST
- anything from Kreated 4 U shop
- Little Fantasies tube set from Rutan

Would love perm. but any amount of time would be great!

crime @ intoxicate
godlessgoddess9 @ lovepies
wildly @ airstream
iffier @ bb_blinkies
daintea @ cutesypies - upgrade to perm
christie @ adorings - upgrade to perm
scream @ macaroons
harts @ enamore

everything on this list is current and up to date :)
18th-Apr-2011 10:16 am - RULES FOR ALL COMMUNITIES I MAKE AT
country girl
xbelladollx's rules

General Rules
- These rules must be followed at all places I make at.
- Credit..credit..CREDIT!!!
- Manners are love, please use them!
- Do not request something if you will never use it!  I hate seeing my graphics rot!
- Be sure you have all freebies picked up from me before requesting new stuff.
- Pick up your graphics in a timely manner or they will be deleted off my server.
- Do not hotlink your graphics from my server, upload to your own!!!
- Find your inspiration elsewhere!
- Do not copy my work
- My graphics CANNOT be used on facebook or myspace.
- My graphics can be used on: LJ, in your email signatures, your personal blogs and on your websites
- Loved/Makers please make sure you use your subject lines
- If you are not loved, please only request every other freebie so others get a chance to request something from me!
- I do not tolerate drama, nasty attitudes and whining...if you do it once to me, you will be placed on my DNM list.

Pixel Rules
- do not take pixels off my boxes
- do not steal my boxes
- all freeware pixels I use are edits
- do not take paid pixels off my boxes...go join the site yourself and get your own
- I also shade my own pixels, do not take those, if you want to use them, join my members area instead of stealing something that is not rightfully yours to be taking.
- do not claim any of my work as your own!

If any of my rules cannot be followed, I am quite sorry but I will not have the time to fill your graphic request.  If you continue to disregard my rules you WILL be placed on my DNM list.

I hate seeing people request something from me and never put it to use.  PLEASE DO NOT REQUEST from me if you will never use it!  This also goes for loved ones and makers.  I realize that everyone's taste in graphics is different and I may not always create something everyone likes.  I would rather have you request something from me and use it, than to never use it at all.

I have one pet peeve.  It is people who think they MUST have everything I make.  This excludes loved ones.  I do not like greedy graphics hogs.  Everyone deserves a chance to have my graphics so please keep that in mind when requesting from me.  If I feel you are being too much of a hog you will not be allowed to request anything from me for a month.  You will be placed on a suspended list.  I do not do this to be mean.  I am very laid back, sweet and generous with my offers.  I just want other people to be able to request stuff too, especially those that miss everything.  That makes me a sad panda :(

20th-Oct-2010 06:03 pm - Loved List
country girl
These people are my "loved ones"
If your name is not listed here, you should not be requesting any freebies from me after they are closed, and you should not be putting "loved" in your subject line. Thanx!

Please Note: In case this list is out of date, you can simply check to see if you are "loved" by checking your member status in the profile. ;)
7thbullet, _libertybelle_, _magicsocks, acutiepatootie, aglarien1, amour_douxx, anjak_j, applee_03, aschicca, aubries_mommyy, babbles, bang, becki_lee, bj121788, blakmagjick, blizzardskies, bratieb89, breakdownbeauty, bubbly, cherany, clumsily, corpusdeliicti, cranes, crystalra1ndr0p, cupcakedcrumbs, cuppykate, daizyhugz, darklingfae, daynavon, dov, dreemerr, electromagnetic, emma2403, fate, fission, fitty, ghost_woman88, glamor, grace, heartzablaze, hisescape, ifwinterends, iheartnickcath, italic, jessicanickole, jovi_diva, kaetarin, kimikokai, kittyjewelofsea, krisp, kseenaa, ladyofavalon77, lanbelle, laurahonest, lilmama_hippie, littlered21, loribear, lovedharts, married2militry, med_kitty, moonshinefaerie, motherautumn, mrsreckless, nevermore82, padfoot, paurbaby, phyncke, pink_cupcake, pixiegrl_11, prettytiaras, r_sambora_luvr, rainynights, raks_rambleings, remus, risanbloom, sassymilf, silverobsession, simplysonia, snorchu, stardust_fae, starwriterlv, stephmariemarsh, sweetsfcwife97, swtxlove, syncs, tallie363, taracarter, thatcagedbird, toxiicdreamss, tv_fan_girl, velociraptorx, wildflower4evr, x_metal_angel_x, xcutexxdorkx, xsprite, yueshi, penelopes_web, dafragileangel

falloutgirl883, sweetestgirl83, laughter311, seashellz, cityofgods, supermassive_09, sailorrabbit, fairwells, uhhmanduh533, nesummers, labellamadre, nemiller13, keslie32, tulips, octopi, arizonaqt, sugarskullz, princessleia81, brittney/devoteds, xichigojam

The following people on the DNM list are there for one of the following reasons: stealing graphics/boxes/money, hacking apart graphics, not following rules, being a scammer, disregarding TOUs from makers as well as mine and paid pixel site usage, breaking a deal and still using what is not rightfully their's, telling lies, being a request hog, causing drama...do I need to say more?

18th-Apr-2010 06:45 pm - Loved Community Promo Contest
country girl

Would you like to receive a 3 month membership pass to my "loved" only community?
Would you like to be able to participate in theme weeks?
Do you like freebies? Blinkies? Sigtags?
How about pixel membership specials?

I am currently holding a contest for a few lucky ladies to be able to join my loved community for 3 months.

Not everyone who has left a comment will get to join. This is a little different kind of contest. You will have to fill out the application for consideration and from there I will choose who I want in my loved only community. When looking over your application, I will be taking a few things into mind of what I personally want to see. Fill it out wisely :P hehehe. Before you go ahead and fill out the application, please be sure you have everything credited on your journal since I will be looking those over to see if they meet my approval. ;)

Next step...
Please fill out the form below..completely!
Then wait to see if you have been approved :)
Good luck to everyone!

22nd-Mar-2010 09:53 am(no subject)
country girl
Apparently we must not know how to READ THE RULES!

This community is not open for just anyone.  This is my LOVED ONLY community and I don't know why everyone is requesting to join.  Rules can be found here, here and on this public post here, it clearly states that this is my "loved only" community and if you request to join you will be denied.  Keep it up, and it will only get you banned from ever joining this community in the future.

If you are interested in being a part of this community then read the rules or purchase a loved pass.
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